12 August 2010

Summer holiday

From the large gap between updates you'd be forgiven for thinking that I have been away on holiday or something, but sadly I haven't! It is not that I haven't been working on any of my projects - I have! I have just been terribly lax about posting updates. I could put it down to the summer heat, but really I don't have any excuses. Particularly as I have actually been painting! Anyway, I'm posting an update now, so ...

The Paradise Tryptych has been slowly progressing, or at least the second panel has. And I have so far resisted 'tweaking' the first panel, but I know I won't be able to hold out forever. As for the third panel, I know what needs to be done with it but I probably won't make a start on it until the first two are complete. Here are some pictures to show the progress made over the last few weeks:

Progress is slow, but at least I am happy with it. That tends to mean the painting has a chance of being finished. That and the fact that it is already hanging on the living room wall in its incomplete state so that I see it every day. Always a good incentive to get something finished. Although saying that, my copy of The Execution of Lady Jane Grey hung on the wall for the majority of its 8 years as a 'work in progress'. There was something rather interesting about its incompleteness. I'm not sure that it is true for this one.

Next week I am away on a training course so I do have a valid excuse for the fact that there won't be a post. Once I am back, I hope to have some more news to add on my dressmaking adventures. The kiln has now been sold and the money is in the bank so there is nothing stopping me from progressing with my idea, except of course for the usual lack of time and multiple other projects on the go. Not that that usually stops me, especially if there is money burning a hole in my pocket!

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