19 July 2010

A question of priorities

So, yes, I missed an entire week's update from the week before last and now I am a day late with an update for this last week.

However, the excuse is a really good one: I've been too busy painting! I think that, if the reason I've failed to post an update is because I've actually been doing the thing that the blog is all about then, really, it is perfectly acceptable. After all, it is the creative work that is important. This blog is just supposed to help me keep sight of the fact that I am making progress and have not just lost myself in the world of work. And the weekly update target is really just a way of imposing a kind of flimsy deadline on myself - I always seem to work better under pressure.

So, excuses out of the way, what have I been doing? Well, The Paradise Triptych is now coming along quite nicely (at least, 2 thirds of it is). The centre panel is done, but I have a need to do just a bit more to the peacock tail feathers. I am currently trying to resist the temptation to fiddle with it, but I know I will give in and that I will probably end up redoing almost the entire tail. There is something not quite right about the 'eyes'.

Anyway, the right hand panel is what I'm really focusing on right now. The main fish, below the surface ripples, is starting to emerge. The ripples aren't quite right, but it is almost there. The rest is very much just sketched out, but I have almost covered the entire canvas before launching into the detail, which is unusual for me. I'm feeling quite pleased with it and with the overall look of the two panels together.

The left hand panel is still blank. It needs some further thought before progressing. Whilst it is only ever intended to be viewed as part of the 3 (as is the right hand panel) it still needs to have some kind of focus, and currently it doesn't. The central panel works more or less by itself. The peacock is of course meant to be the overall focus, but I can't help feeling that the 3 panels should work individually as well, at least to some extent.

I have also been working on the tapestry which is still progressing reasonably well. I do suspect that I am going to run out of wool though, so I am going to have to pick my moment to order some more! It still doesn't really merit a photo yet, but I will post something soon.

What else ...? Well, PayPal is now up and working for all new publications on the Clutag Press and Archipelago websites (I still have to do the back publications) and we have taken over 60 orders in the last fornight which is not bad at all. I have also now finished typesetting the new Andrew Motion poetry book, Laurels and Donkeys, and the proofs are out for review. That means that, with the exception of any corrections, I have completed my current Clutag Press typesetting tasks - at least until we start setting Archipelago Issue 5 which is not that far off.

One last thing to note here is that I am currently formulating a new plan which will, at the very least, result in an extension to my wardrobe and may turn into a small business venture. I have sold (on paper at least if not yet actually sold) my kiln which I no longer have regular access to or the time to use. I intend to put the money raised towards other creative pursuits and specifically this new project idea. Top of the list of new purchases: a tailor's dummy and an overlocking machine! Rest assured, as the idea progresses I will post updates here so be on the look out...

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