5 July 2010

Quiet week

It has been a quiet week in terms of creative production this week. Sadly not a quiet week on the work front which has been manic. Still, I have managed to get the first new Clutag Press updates up with PayPal available, and to prove it works we have had our first order - and I haven't even sent out the notifiction email to our subscribers yet.

Other than that, more stitching on the tapestry but very little else. I have decided I need a holiday - from work that is! A chance to stop and recharge and have some real time to work on my various projects. I'm going to have to have a good look at my calendar and work out when I might be able to squeeze in even a couple of days somewhere.

Oh, I have just been reminded that I did make a banana cake at the weekend! We had some old, black bananas given to us for free from our local vegetable market stall which I froze because I was going away the next day. Anyway, they defrosted ok and made a very nice (low fat) banana cake. As you can see, there isn't much left already.

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