28 June 2010

No more surprises...

Ok, so I have finally come to my senses. There was no way I was realistically going to be able to work on the tapestry in secret and have any hope of finishing it in time for the big birthday. So all has now been revealed! As my other half very kindly said, the surprise element is only a very small part of the present so nothing has really been lost.

As a result, and as you will probably have guessed, this means I've spent pretty much all of my spare time this week stitching. I will post pictures once there is something to see. At the moment there is just too much white canvas!

Going back to my original list of tasks on the go, I have also made some progress in getting PayPal set up on the Clutag Press and Clutag Archipelago websites which, whilst really only a very small task, will make a huge difference to operations - if nothing else it will save my mother from queuing in the bank with handfuls of cheques to be paid in. We are slowly dragging ourselves into the 21st century!

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