6 June 2010

End of the first week

So, what have I managed to achieve in this first week (or 5 days to be precise). Well, so far so good. I have:
  • Completed the typesetting for the new book of poetry by Geoffrey Hill, due to be published by Clutag Press in the autumn and I have completed the cover design. Both have been approved by the author. Any last minute minor tweaks will now be made by Adrian at Senecio Press, who manages the final production and printing for Clutag.
  • I have started the right hand panel of the Paradise Tryptich as you can see. It is still in the very early stages, but it is a start:

  • I have turned a photograph of the central panel of the Paradise Tryptich into a 90th birthday card for my grandmother (she had seen an earlier photo and liked it so I thought I'd turn it into a birthday card). A week or so before starting this blog I completed a water colour as a birthday present which I'm sneakily also including here (although it doesn't count as this week's output).

  • And I have made garlic and rosemary foccacia to go with our cazuela de papas a la abuela (granny's potato casserole) for dinner. I have been experimenting a lot recently with bread making and I have to say that since our breadmaker died the results have got an awful lot better. I am now a convert to making it entirely by hand. Anyway, this is my first attempt at a foccacia:

I have decided that I will aim to update this blog on a Sunday night, which gives me the week to try and get things done in the evenings (when time allows) and then the whole weekend where I stand a much better chance of finding some time to be creative. Of course, having said that, I go away for a week for work on Wednesday so the likelihood of finding any time to make, paint or draw anything is going to be very slim, but we'll see...

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