21 June 2010

Crazy undertakings

So, I was away last week for work and, as expected, there was no update - I had nothing to report. This weekend, however, I had entirely to myself and yet I still failed to make an entry. But this time the excuse was definitely the right kind of excuse. I fully intended to post an update but I got so absorbed in what I was doing that before I knew it it was 01:00 and I really had to go to bed.

So, what was I doing? Well, I had planned to spend the whole weekend painting, but on Friday the postman delivered the tapestry canvas and wool I had orderd and so I kind of got distracted.

I have discovered a worrying pattern in my own behaviour. About 3 months before one of my other half's significant birthdays I always seem to manage to come up with a wonderful idea for a present which, in reality, turns out to be a project that could never realistically be completed in the time period. Before he turned 30 I embarked on a copy of his favourite painting, The Execution of Lady Jane Grey by Paul Delaroche. The canvas I bought for this was 101cm x 76cm - so not small. I finished the painting 8 years later! Needless to say, I was not working on it consistently for all of that time. There were long periods where nothing happened or other projects got in the way. Of course it was not kept secret all that time and was hung on the wall in its various stages of incompleteness. It wasn't until we were due to move house and I was issued a challenge (that I couldn't finish the painting before we moved) that the last section was completed. The final painting is shown here.

So now, 3 months before the big 40th birthday I fear I may have embarked on another crazy and impossible project. I can't post any pictures of course because that would ruin the surprise. Given that I have been stitching for almost 2 days solidly I have completed a frighteningly small section of the canvas. Admittedly I am very pleased with the way it is working out, but I have a feeling it may take some time. Almost certainly longer than the 3 months I have. But we'll see. I'll keep you posted...

In a brief break from the sewing I also made a batch of ginger snaps. I've never had much luck with biscuits, but these are rather good. Too good, unfortunately, as I'm now having to resist eating too many of them. There needs to be something left by the time my other half returns tomorrow otherwise there may be trouble!

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